Game Dev, Educator, and Community Builder

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With a passion for game design and programming, I've won national game dev contests.


I've always been a teacher-- beloved by my students for how much I care and how well I articulate concepts.


Creating spaces which people call a second home, I foster a culture a warmth and belonging in all my communities.


Until I joined the professional game dev industry, I was completely self-taught. I love tinkering with new tools, so I learnt engines like RPG Maker VX Ace, Game Maker Studio 2.0, Unity, and Core.

When I'm not developing games, I enjoy building out Discord/Slack bots and automation tooling. One of my greatest strengths is need-finding and taking the initiative to add my value to team without having to be asked.

Curiosity paired with passion has driven me to make games that have earned me national recognition. You can often find me in hackathons and game jams in my spare time!

Goodbye OzymandiasSilver Medallion for Top 7 in the country in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition (2017)Designer & Programmer
Goodbye OzymandiasRegional Gold Key in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition (2017)Designer & Programmer
A Lost TreasureDecentraland Game Jam, Top 20 Winner (2019)Designer & Programmer
GundalfWon 1st Runner Up at IEEE's GameSIG (2019)Music Composer
Squirrel SeasonTop 10 Winner in The Sandbox LEVEL UP Game Jam (2021)Designer, Programmer, and Environment Artist
Gotta Go FastCSULB's BeachHacks Overall Winner, National Collegiate Hackathon (2021)Designer, Programmer, and Environment Artist
PridelandIMC Unthinkable Category Winner, Team Liquid's PrideMakers Hackathon (2021)Designer, Programmer, and Environment Artist

Below are additional awards for my other projects.

XTZ Ez BotMakeUC's Best Project Using Blockchain on Tezos, 1st Place Winner - National Collegiate Hackathon (2021)Solo Developer (Python)
Is My Food Safe?TOHack's Best Use of Google Cloud, 2nd Place Winner - International Collegiate Hackathon (2021)Solo Developer (Python)
One Wallet WatcherSwiss Blockchain Hackathon's Wealth Management Challenge, 1st Place Winner on the Streamr Protocol - International Hackathon (2021)Designer and Developer (Python, JS, NodeJS)
Square StarbotSquare 2021 Hackathon, Honorable Mention Award and Most Valuable Feedback Award - International HackathonSolo Developer (Python)


Check out my Github for my opensource work.


No matter where I go or what I do, I always give back and impart my knowledge to others. Because I care about my students so much, I'm often beloved by them-- as such, I've received many sentimental letters and drawings from my students.

Below are quotes from my work colleagues and students. To certify their legitimacy, refer to their recommendations directly on LinkedIn!

  • "Alisa did such a great job running the [game dev] bootcamp. She has been so wonderful from the very start. She has been really welcoming and just very genuine."

  • "'Above and beyond' is what I will say about Alisa. My children enjoyed learning from Alisa very much because she understood them very well and always encouraged and supported them."

  • “Brought back the smile I lost weeks ago.”

Empowering people

From tutoring piano to onboarding new teammates, I've had a great experience teaching people of all ages. Historically, people have cited my genuineness and empathy as qualities they highly value.

In addition, I've run several successful educational initiatives remotely such as two game dev bootcamps and a level-up protoaccelerator in preparation for GDC. I'm experienced in both in-person and remote teaching!

With experience in technical writing and video tutorial creation, I've also helped produce many educational resources. Check some of them out below!


I love creating places where people can grow and learn together. Helping people connect, I make communities where people feel like they belong and can always come back to.

As such, I've been a officer and raid leader in multiple guilds in online games like Elder Scrolls Online and Digimon Battle Online. I've also been an Admin and Moderator on multiple writing and gaming forums. In total, I have about 8 years of experience in building online communities.

One community particularly dear to my heart is the creative arts forum called The Scratch Notebook which I founded with a close friend. Together, we made an awesome community for people to learn, write, and create art aglongside each other.

As a head admin, I organized events, managed the community, and conducted outreach campaigns. Proboards ultimately awarded TSN "Forum of the Month" in 2012.

Currently, I am the head admin of the Core Creator Discord-- a community with 15K+ game creators on the server. I take pride in how close, friendly, and welcoming our community is, and I believe we established a solid foundation to foster such a healthy environment.

Throughout Core's Closed Alpha and Open Alpha, I supported creators on our platform through education, advocacy, and community management. I'm known to be really good at simply being authentic, communicative, and human. Being patient and empathetic are two of my strongest suits.